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Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga not only enriches the bond between you and your baby, Sweet Dreams Time Baby Yoga creates the space for you to enjoy quality interactions with them as they grow. What a wonderful feeling to be free in your body, to feel confident and to possess an excellent physical posture. As your child grows they may experience growing pains in their muscles or awkwardness in their coordination. Baby Yoga teaches them to become aware of the physical and sensory potential within their bodies in a fun way, it stimulates their internal systems, promoting health, wellness and a sense of calm in both you and your baby.

Baby Massage

Touch is one of the most special gifts we can give to our babies, touch is the special ingredient to help them grow into beings who feel safe, secure, loved and valued. Touch is an essential element in the bonding process between you and your baby.  Your baby’s sense of touch was one of the first senses to develop before they were even born.  Baby’s feeling of safety is met, when he or she knows you are near. Baby Massage nurtures this bond and provides much needed relief from gas and colic, teething discomfort and gastrointestinal pain, whilst soothing and relaxing both you and your baby.

Baby Signing

Do you want to understand your baby’s needs more fully and reduce their frustrations at this non-verbal age? Baby Signing is an excellent way to reinforce language development and communication skills. It is also a wonderful way to make your little one feel loved, valued and heard. Some babies have been known to sign as early as two months old. Learning through visual signs and gestures can accelerate baby’s language skills and broadened their vocabulary. Learning simple signs like milk, mum, dad,  eat, food and sleep, will increase your baby’s understanding and self-esteem. Babies who learn to sign have been known to cry far less, as they are more able to communicate their needs.

What Parents Say


Sweet Dreams Time are passionate about providing quality, diverse, creative and FUN activities, products and services to all.  We aim to nurture happy, healthy and confident babies and children in the world and are fully committed to providing the highest quality of services in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.


We at Sweet Dreams Time aim to work together in partnership with excellent forward thinking advocates of quality early childhood education and are excited to be working together with Bright Horizons Tabard Square Nursery and Preschool from September.  If you are interested in forging positive partnerships with Sweet Dreams Time, please get in touch we would be delighted to hear from you.

Inclusive Environment

Sweet Dreams Time warmly welcomes every child and every parent or caregiver, regardless of age, gender or ability.  So come along to one of our sessions, it will be a pleasure to have you here!

Our Experienced Teachersaccreditation-logo-small-rcm

Davina Wright

Davina is a fully qualified teacher with a wealth of experience teaching music, SEN and British Sign Language. Davina has been practicing yoga for many years and has been described as being a bit of a ‘baby whisperer.’ She is also one of our Baby Massage and Baby Yoga instructors, her classes are great fun.

Vanessa Robertson

Vanessa has worked within the childcare profession in excess of 9 years. She has also created and managed numerous after school programmes and activities in various nurseries. She is a proud mother of two boys and is very passionate about empowering all children and young people to thrive and to reach their true potential.

Joanne Wright

Joanne is a registered health visitor with more than 26 years experience working in this field. She is also a qualified named nurse with safeguarding expertise. Joanne is a mother of three beautiful children and has a keen interest in health, wellness and mindfulness. She is excited about sharing her skills with current and new parents alike.