Sweet Dreams Time | Our Story
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Our Story

Once upon a time…

Aunty Nina was asked to babysit her niece and nephew in order to provide mum and dad some much needed down time together.  She would often be asked to look after them and they loved spending quality time together.  At bedtime after their cocoa she would read them made up stories and create sweet melodies, rocking the children to sleep until their eyes were closed shut. Little Coco bear was one of the first characters she ever created.  She always noticed a calm serenity on their faces and a peacefulness in their bodies as they drifted off to sleep.  ‘Baby Baby Go To Sleep’ was the very first lullaby she sang to her nephew more than 25 years ago, which he now sings to his children today.  Our founder has brought together a collective of child health and education professionals, specialising in music, voice, BSL, SEN, health visiting and child safeguarding. With more than 40 years of combined health, teaching and performing expertise between us, we are passionate about empowering all children to thrive. Communicating verbally, kinaesthetically and visually helps us to build valuable bridges of understanding between our children and their world at large.  This is the essence of Sweet Dreams Time today.

Say hello to Coco the rainbow bear…