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Baby & Toddler Signing August Tasters In The Park!


Sign Language AUGUST Taster 2018


Ever tried Baby Signing? Our award winning  Baby & Toddler Sign Language classes are a wonderful way to develop your little one’s language, early literacy and communication skills. You are invited to join us at one of our Baby & Toddler Signing Taster in the Park sessions.


Particularly if either of these sound like you:

  • Love to understand what your baby is trying to say to you during their preverbal stage?
  • Seeking dynamic tools to help develop your baby’s language and communication skills?
  • Feel you’re missing out on some of baby’s most precious moments and desperate to change that?
  • Want to deepen and enrich your bond with baby?
  • Keen to aid your toddler’s fine and gross motor skills and coordination helping them to become school ready?


Take your power back and book onto our Bright Horizon’s Nursery or Goose Green Clinic course for dynamic Baby & Toddler Signing and develop the lifelong skill of sign language. You will discover a whole new side to your baby, as they reveal their thoughts, wants and needs to you during their preverbal stage. Your child will love the kinesthetic, sensory and musical elements of sign language. Their confidence will soar and their frustrations diminish as they build their literacy and communication skills, giving them a great head start at this preschool stage.


To find out more about the benefits of baby signing, check out our blog article here: Baby & Toddler Sign Language, The Greatest Gift Of Communication. 


Our Darwin Court Healthy Living Centre and Ronald McDonald House classes also offer you the opportunity to explore fun, stimulating, physical activities, through yoga and massage.  Our yoga and massage classes are designed to enhance both yours and your baby’s health and well-being, as they grow and develop through their milestones, literally giving your child the gift of perfect fun, play and sleep time.


Our Parents Hub provides a great opportunity for you to get out and about.


  • Socialize and connect with other parents and carers in your community
  • Enjoy quality time together over tea, coffee and cake
  • Great opportunity for your baby to meet other babies their own age
  • Share a wealth of amazing tips n ideas
  • Enjoy easy-flowing chat time with other parents and their babies
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Why not book a bespoke group session or a course for your nursery or reception years today. Our nursery placements operate and are payable on a termly basis and we cater for newborn babies to preschool (0 – 5 years).


If you would like us to host a fun, themed party with a difference, Sweet Dreams Time Party Planners are the team for you! Get in touch for more information on our prices and themes.


A Sweet Dreams Time Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for a baby shower, Mothers Day or simply to say ‘I love you’ to the special lady in your life. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements further.  Stay tuned for more exciting news and events at our Sweet Dreams Time social hubs.


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Coco bear says come join our hub and give your children the gift of perfect fun, play and sleep time…