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Sweet Dreams Time Lullaby Class

Sweet Dreams can be encouraged through more than just Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.  The sound of soothing, harmonious lullabies will greatly assist in settling your little one’s into a relaxed and restful state too. This is a great class for parents who enjoy music and singing in particular. Perhaps you have always felt connected to music, but have never felt you had the opportunity or skill to join a choir or vocal group.  Or music is something you have always wanted to revisit after a long period of absence, let this be the place to start. What a marvelous way to introduce your baby to music and the arts.  Be prepared, as you too might end up in the wonderful land of slumber!

We hope you enjoyed our original lullaby ‘Goodnight Little One,’ on our home page. Why not bring your little one to a fun class and be soothed by the lovely sound of music.  Alternatively, why not play it to them at bedtime to settle them to sleep.


Purchase ‘Goodnight Little One’ here.

Sweet Dreams Dynamic Signed Stories Class

Sweet Dreams Time also offers you the opportunity to enjoy culturally rich signed stories which inspire adventure, imagination, empathy and love.  Reading is an excellent way to develop literacy and language skills. Repetitive words and sounds stimulate baby’s auditory, speech and linguistic processes, whilst signing deeply embeds the visual and kinaesthetic. Give your baby the great gift of communication and add a whole new level to their bedtime stories at our Dynamic Signed Stories Class.

Sweet Dreams Time Creativity Class

Explore the senses at a Sweet Dreams Creativity Class. Our personable and experienced facilitators will work together with you to help your child experiment with texture, colour and different art media.  Not only do our classes inspire creativity, a sense of well-being and a feeling of safety and harmony in your child’s environment, they enable their imagination to explore the visual and sensory elements of art with freedom and fun, allowing them to express their emotions through art. Our education specialists are always there to guide and support as they tap into their creativity.

Come and join the fun…

De-stress and aid yours and baby’s sense of calm and relaxation
Deepen and enhance the connection between you and your baby
Nurture your baby’s creative side with beautiful songs and lullabies
Connect with and share tips with other parents in our hub
Learn how gently stimulating reflex points can benefit your baby
Create deeply fulfilling moments with your baby through our wonderful suite of services

Sweet Dreams Time Baby Massage

A baby who is experiencing pain and discomfort as a result of a variety of baby ailments can weigh heavily on parents, creating upset feelings, stress and anxiety at not being able to soothe and provide relief for baby in the moments they are suffering.  Baby massage works wonders in managing these symptoms, offering relief to baby and greater peace of mind to mum and dad. The magic is in the power of your gentle, loving touch.

  • Relieve the effects of gas, colic and constipation
  • Ease gastrointestinal cramps
  • Soothe teething discomfort
  • Relax muscles and reduces growing pains
  • Reduce excess mucus and nasal congestion
  • Stimulate oxytocin (that’s the happy hormone) in both you and baby

Feel more relaxed and less stressed, at Sweet Dreams Time Baby Massage.

Sweet Dreams Time Baby Yoga

At Sweet Dreams Time you can enjoy a unique opportunity to bond with your child in a fun, relaxing and inclusive way.  Baby Yoga is an excellent way to develop great posture, sensory awareness and coordination skills in your child as they develop through their milestones.  Not only will you connect with your baby, you can also enjoy social time with other mums and dads and give baby the chance to meet other infants their own age.

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Sweet Dreams Time Baby Signing

Baby Signing is an excellent way to reinforce communication in a non-verbal setting.  Some babies have been known to learn to sign as early as two months old, resulting in a calmer, happier, healthier line of communication between mum and baby.  Learning visual signs can improve baby’s language development skills and broadened their vocabulary. Babies cry will far less, as signing helps to increase their ability to communicate their needs, encourage thought and reduce frustration in both dad and baby. Our baby signing programme accompanied by lots of talking and singing to baby, helps to increase the quality of your interactions together, enabling you more time to enjoy and savour this very precious time.  Imagine how wonderful it would feel if your little one knew how to ask for milk, mum, dad, more, eat, water, apple, food and sleep in this pre-verbal stage.


To learn more, click here to read our article: Baby & Toddler Sign Language, The Greatest Gift of Communication.

We Offer…
  • 5 week group courses – From £65
  • Tailored private 1:1 class from the comfort of your home – £35
  • Individual group sessions – £15
  • Drop-in taster sessions – £8
  • Bespoke sessions for Baby Showers, Nurseries and Schools – Various

Contact us to book a place for you and your baby on one of our courses or tasters classes.  Be sure to get in early to avoid disappointment.